Field Trip


Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to the Land of the Living!

Field Trip!

I am very excited about this new feature. I sometimes feel limited, writing only to dead people. I enjoy the security of those conversations (they are usually in my favour!) but I often find myself wanting to write about artistic experiences that I am having now.

I have always found that the best way to jumpstart my own writing is to experience art live – this means that every theatre program I have collected is full of my own scrawls about my own work, and I always bring a notebook to art galleries, live musical performances, literary events. Maybe it is being in the middle of so many other ideas – mine are less shy. More likely, my ideas become bold and competitive and wave their hand wildly like the obnoxious kid in class who knows the answer first (yes, also me). Since this is really a blog about writing, it is important for me to explore how the immediacy of art informs me here and now.

I hope you enjoy these little journeys!