School’s Out!

I am a teacher. It is Monday morning, the last week of the school year, and I am sitting at my desk listening to my students scream outside.

I am so ready for a break.

These past few months have been such fun – re-reading works I love, learning about my favorite authors, and connecting with people all over the world through our love of literature. I have many more letters up my sleeve, and lots of ideas for the blog that I am excited to share with you in September.

For now, though, Across the Bar is taking a summer break. I will be posting weekly ‘re-runs’ through social media in case you missed an entry, or want to re-read one.

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I’m not going to leave you hanging, though! Check back next week for one last post, my Summer Reading List. It’s a good one!

Have a wonderful summer, my friends! Read lots!

xo L

summer jw






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